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Eleanor Anderson wearing blue shirt

Why some education reforms stick and others don't

A study by Eleanor Anderson in the School of Education shows what it takes to make educational reforms rise above the ‘churn.’

  • School of Education
  • Innovation and Research
  • Teaching & Learning
Hari Sastry speaking into microphone during testimony

Pitt CFO Hari Sastry testifies before Pennsylvania House of Representatives

“Universities will look different,” he warned, if state appropriations are cut.

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  • Community Impact
Cathedral of Learning behind Carnegie Art Museum fountains

Attend outdoor screenings of Asian films through Oct. 10

The first annual Screenshot: Asia Film Festival offers 12 feature and short films from Asia and Asian filmmakers.

  • Arts and Humanities
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  • Staff
  • Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences
clumps of red, yellow and green on a black background

Behind the scenes of Antony Blinken’s campus visit

See the researchers, projects and spaces that greeted the Secretary of State.

  • University News
  • Technology & Science
  • Center for Vaccine Research
Student sitting outside on a bench using cell phone

Brian Galla wants to help your teen kick their Instagram habit

Appealing to their sense of rebellion might be the key to helping teens cut back on social media use, the Pitt psychologist's research shows.

  • Health and Wellness
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  • Department of Psychology in Education
  • School of Education