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This Pitt theater professor wants to diversify the field

Bria Walker’s recent production of “Emilia” featured three women of color playing the main role. It’s the latest example of her work to tell more people’s stories onstage.

Targeted outreach is bringing more students from rural Pennsylvania to Pitt

The pioneering efforts, including hiring a new rural recruiter, are boosting geographic diversity at the University of Pittsburgh.

‘The No Club’ empowers women to take control of their professional lives

Four Pittsburgh researchers, including Pitt economist Lise Vesterlund, are putting a stop to women’s dead-end work with their new book, out May 3.

How a group chat brought these Philadelphia men to Pitt and beyond

These high school best friends supported each other through college, social upheaval and the pandemic. Now, they're starting the professional lives they dreamed about.

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