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Pitt alumnus Sam Rosenzweig spent his career fighting injustice

He earned two degrees and met his wife on the Pittsburgh campus. He died at the age of 71 in Nevada.

Prachi Gupta's memoir tackles the model minority myth

Read "They Called Us Exceptional: and Other Lies that Raised Us" and more, out now from alumni authors.

How to exchange diverse viewpoints on campus without the discord, according to Pitt experts

Faculty members Abdesalam Soudi and Ann Sinsheimer discuss centering respect and other lessons from Pitt's Year of Dialogue and Discourse with Clyde Wilson Pickett.

A Pitt professor is using virtual reality to connect to the Hill District’s past

The Time Traveling Project adds historical context to the photography of Charles “Teenie” Harris, a prolific chronicler of 20th-century Black life.

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