a human heart

Decreasing the Need for Pediatric Surgeries

To address the critical need for long-lasting heart valve replacements, a team of Pitt researchers created a mesh that harnesses the body’s own healing power. Read More »

Detecting Evolution’s Mysteries

Pitt researcher Nathan Clark explores how and why genes and genomes evolve over time. His findings could significantly impact many species today, including human beings. Read More »
photo of Mylynda Massart

Precision Medicine for the Masses

Mylynda Massart, an MD/PhD assistant professor of family medicine at Pitt, brings genomics to primary care. Read More »
illustration of a patient awash in anti-rejection drugs

Teaching the Body to Accept New Organs

Patients receiving new kidneys and livers must take damaging anti-rejection drugs for the rest of their lives. Now researchers hope to train the immune system instead of just tamping it down. Read More »

Restoring Vision

Pitt researchers studying how the eye and brain work together hope to develop new ways to preserve and restore sight. Read More »

picture of two researchers conversing

Research Making a Difference

Pitt people beat polio, pioneered TV and heavier-than-air flight, and turned Pittsburgh into the world's organ-transplantation capital, among other breakthroughs. Today's Pitt researchers carry on that tradition in areas ranging from literary criticism to the quest for quantum computers. Learn how Pitt research makes a difference, read the University's Excellence in Research (PDF) report, and visit the Pitt Office of Science Education Outreach's How Science Works site.

picture of student doing scientific research

Undergraduate Research

As members of a top public research university, Pitt undergraduates can engage in research, scholarship, and creative projects with faculty members who are leaders in their fields. Read more about undergraduate research opportunities.

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Pitt's libraries include the University Library System, the 22nd-largest academic library system in the United States; the Health Sciences Library System, which supports the educational, research, clinical, and service activities of Pitt's schools of the health sciences; and the Barco Law Library, which primarily serves the students and faculty of Pitt's School of Law.

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From a gleaming hub for biomedical a Wyoming ranch rich in dinosaur a center for sustainable innovation, Pitt research buildings, labs, and libraries facilitate discovery and innovation. Tour the Labs »