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Rory A. Cooper, director of the Human Engineering Research Laboratories at Pitt, is honored with his U.S. Patent and Trademark Office inventor trading card and portrait. He is the first Pitt professor to receive this honor. Other honorees have included Thomas Edison, George Washington Carver, Abraham Lincoln and Hedy Lemarr, among others.

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In a recent study, led by chair of psychology Julie Fiez, researchers taught adults “HouseFont” — a hieroglyphic-like language based on photos of homes — then scanned the language-learning areas of participants’ brains. What they found adds to a growing body of knowledge on how adults process written languages.

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Created by a group of Pitt students, Inrstellar is a new dating app that emphasizes compatibility over looks. Pitt assistant professor of psychology Amanda Forest, who studies relationships and interpersonal communication, offers her thoughts.