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A Pitt lab shows phage attacks in new light

The development of new imaging methods allowed researchers in Graham Hatfull’s lab to watch, in detail, as killer phages attached to bacteria — and as resistant bacteria fought off an attack.

Alexa, congratulate these Pitt graduate students

A team of doctoral students in the School of Computing and Information is working to make AI more inclusive. Their efforts landed them among 10 finalists in this year’s Alexa Prize TaskBot Challenge.

The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center named a new director

James Barr von Oehsen, who was also named vice chancellor for research computing, will lead the Pitt-Carnegie Mellon venture.

Worried about students using AI chatbots? This professor isn’t.

Ray Jones in Pitt Business is an avid user of ChatGPT — and he’s encouraging his students to try it, too.

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