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Robots might be bad for men, but give women more bargaining power

A new study from Pitt economist Osea Giuntella found that men had lower wages and workforce participation in areas with more industrial robots, among other gendered effects.

This Pitt effort is relocating Afghan scholars to the U.S.

Meet Omar Sadr, a political scientist who fled Taliban violence and now leads the Afghanistan Project at Pitt.

A new Pitt pledge encourages health care providers to use opioid alternatives

The School of Dental Medicine was the first in the nation to implement opioid-free pain management for most procedures in its clinics. Now, the practice is spreading.

Pitt Black Faculty Development Initiative receives grant to tackle health disparities

The $250,000 from the Richard King Mellon Foundation will both support Black faculty at Pitt and address Black maternal and infant health in Western Pennsylvania and beyond.

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