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How do we know what we know?

Pitt’s Edouard Machery is leading a cross-cultural network of scholars to find out — and answer some of philosophy’s toughest questions.

Bacteria-killing viruses discovered by Pitt researchers are saving patients who have no other options

Two new studies from Graham Hatfull's lab show how phage therapy can help more people with dire antibiotic-resistant infections.

Pitt-UPMC researchers will use $5 million from Bayer to fight chronic kidney disease

Using an innovative approach called population health management, Manisha Jhamb aims to get patients treated sooner to stave off severe disease. The effort could be a game-changer for rural areas.

‘The No Club’ empowers women to take control of their professional lives

Four Pittsburgh researchers, including Pitt economist Lise Vesterlund, are putting a stop to women’s dead-end work with their new book, out May 3.

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