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A Pitt engineering grad solved a California transportation conundrum

Alumnus David Shafer’s entrepreneurial mind developed an innovative shuttle service that makes getting to the airport cheaper, faster and oh-so-reLAXsan.

What will it take to make physics more diverse?

A new Nature Physics paper by Pitt’s Chandralekha Singh provides a road map for creating equitable physics environments — including the roadblocks.

Some of Earth’s estuaries are warming, consistent with climate change

A rise in the surface temperature of nature’s nurseries could lead to cascading effects in estuarine ecosystems — but they aren’t all warming.

Take a closer look at this undergraduate researcher's pièce de résistance

To create a garment worthy of an 18th-century queen, Maya Jones set her sights on a Creative Arts Fellowship from Pitt's David C. Frederick Honors College.

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