Kendall Oakley

Kendall Oakley, communication rhetoric/nonfiction writing, Class of 2019

"Pitt has a very engaged student body. The community here is really collaborative and everyone you'll meet wants you to succeed. Even though Pitt is a large school, it really feels like a family."
Bradley Alderama

Bradley Alderama, electrical engineering, Class of 2019

"Pitt is what you make of it. If you want to challenge yourself, you can find a lot of opportunities here. Co-ops, internships, and more. If you are motivated for something, you can find it."
Dylan Woods

Dylan Woods, nursing, Class of 2020

"Our campus has the perfect mix. It has both a strong community and an intense academic drive. If you are interested in something — inside or outside the classroom — Pitt has it available for you."
Cole Bryan

Cole Bryan, computer science, Class of 2020

"I love the atmosphere of Pitt's campus. We have a strong sense of pride and we are also very collaborative. Students want to help each other, and we have a great sense of community."
Eliza Schally

Eliza Schally, bioengineering, Class of 2019

"Pitt has a great sense of community. It's not competitive, people don't step all over each other to get to the top. There is also a great sense of pride; we know Pitt has a great reputation and we work hard to uphold that."
Adwait Shukla

Adwait Shukla, finance/psychology/marketing, Class of 2019

"The opportunities that will come your way because of Pitt's reputation are endless. I have received internship offers because it says 'University of Pittsburgh' on my résumé. The name has weight to it."

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