This Swanson School grad solved a California transportation conundrum

Alumnus David Shafer’s entrepreneurial mind developed an innovative shuttle service that makes getting to the airport cheaper, faster and oh-so-reLAXsan.

A Pitt alumna is tying up loose ends for fellow crafters

Jen Simonic’s nonprofit finishes knitting projects for those who can no longer do it themselves.

The Pittsburgh Water Collaboratory and Women for a Healthy Environment join forces to investigate local water systems

Their findings help ensure Allegheny County’s water systems are safe and accessible for all.

A GSPIA education helped Carl Ware champion racial equality from Atlanta to South Africa

During his decades as an executive for Coca-Cola, he partnered with Desmond Tutu and other freedom fighters to support Black Africans.

One person’s trash is Ash Andrews’ treasure

The Pitt-Greensburg grad uses pluck and imagination to promote art, community and sustainability as executive director of the Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse.

Pitt's independent rock-climbing team challenges students' bodies and minds

Here's how one of the world's fastest growing sports is teaching its participants to take life "one move at a time."

Take a closer look at this undergraduate researcher's pièce de résistance

To create a garment worthy of an 18th-century queen, Maya Jones set her sights on a Creative Arts Fellowship from Pitt's David C. Frederick Honors College.

Pitt alumnus Sam Rosenzweig spent his career fighting injustice

He earned two degrees and met his wife on the Pittsburgh campus. He died at the age of 71 in Nevada.

Cursive is not dead, according to this Pitt expert

Kelsey Voltz-Poremba says writing by hand is a crucial part of childhood development.

Todd J. Clark was appointed head of Delaware’s Widener Law School

As dean, he is making a case for achievement, inclusion and excellence.

Prachi Gupta's memoir tackles the model minority myth

Read "They Called Us Exceptional: and Other Lies that Raised Us" and more, out now from alumni authors.

How to exchange diverse viewpoints on campus without the discord, according to Pitt experts

Faculty members Abdesalam Soudi and Ann Sinsheimer discuss centering respect and other lessons from Pitt's Year of Dialogue and Discourse with Clyde Wilson Pickett.

Alaina Roberts’ book takes a fresh look at freedom in the American West

In researching her family’s past, the Pitt historian found an oft-overlooked narrative of Black emancipation and Native displacement.

The School of Education is tackling the teacher shortage with an innovative, multifaceted approach

With its new undergraduate teacher education program, Pitt wants to get more qualified teachers into K-12 classrooms faster.

Meet 5 award-winning alumni educators who are transforming classrooms

Their work is shaping the future, which ultimately benefits us all.

What if … we could remove roadblocks for rural students?

Darris Means has spent the last decade examining how to build resources for Black youth in rural districts.

Preventing violence among youth could start on the field

Pitt researchers are studying a national antiviolence program that is instilling healthy relationship and mental health practices in young male athletes through their coaches.

Pitt’s father-son coaching team is keeping track in the family

Their one-on-one approach helps student-athletes sprint toward their best selves.

A Pitt alumnus is developing ‘green steel’ to revolutionize the industry

Boston Metal CEO Tadeu Carneiro says, “We are privileged, all of us, to be living in the decade during which we will save the planet.”

In Memoriam


'Dreams Deferred' memoir chronicles a path from poverty to social impact

Brandolon Barnett writes about “recession, struggle and the quest for a better world.” And, more books by Pitt alumni, out now.

Inspired by their son, the Weitzels advocate for better care for disabled people

The couple, who met at Pitt, created the School of Dental Medicine's Joshua Benjamin Weitzel Fund for Special Needs Dentistry.

A Pitt Law alumnus is speaking out to inspire companies to achieve the unthinkable

A chance encounter taught Ron Mitchell the value of his voice, which is now a bright light for businesses large and small.

How Jesse Horst is connecting students to the history and heartbeat of Havana

In part thanks to relationships he built in Cuba’s capital as a Pitt graduate student, this alumnus has created a competitive and immersive study abroad experience.

This CGS alumna helped bring honor to nontraditional students

The 50th anniversary exhibit of honor society recalls outreach to part-time and nontraditional students.

A Pitt2Pitt scholarship helped launch this librarian’s career

Alumna Dagny Felker turned her love of language into a job at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

This recent graduate is following in her father's footsteps all the way to Ecuador

And, Mollie Foladare was among the first to serve with the Peace Corps post-pandemic.

A Pitt professor reflects on his grandfather's wisdom in a new memoir

Plus, three more books by alumni authors are out now.

A career in IndyCar has taken this Pitt alumna for a wild ride

After more than a decade, Kate Gundlach has the experience and clout to hold one of the sport’s top engineering jobs and work for one of its most talented, unpredictable drivers.