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Yellow harlequin tree frog in rainforest

Frogs are teaching scientists how nature can rebound

RIBBiTR, a new Pitt-hosted institute funded by a $12.5 million National Science Foundation grant, will research frogs and toads bouncing back after a catastrophic brush with disease.

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Students using smartphones at desks

6 essential apps for students

Get around Pittsburgh, get fed and get class info.

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Drone image of Cathedral of Learning and Oakland

Home Installations Underway for Community Wi-Fi Pilot

A program between Pitt and Every1online that’s bringing Wi-Fi to local families in need is expanding. Residents of New Kensington and Homewood are encouraged to apply.

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Artistic depiction of particles

Where the laws of matter break down, a quantum discovery crops up

Lasers, fiendishly complex calculations and some of the coldest temperatures on Earth led to physicist Vincent Liu’s recent superfluid discovery.

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Arrows and molecule models in red, grey and green

Developing a New Type of Quantum Memory

Pitt physicist Jeremy Levy and a multidisciplinary team want to develop a new approach to building quantum computer memory.

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