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‘Astonishing’ number of first-year applications to Pitt

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Members of the University of Pittsburgh’s Board of Trustees praised outgoing Chancellor Patrick Gallagher and Provost Ann E. Cudd for their contributions to Pitt as a record-breaking number of first-year applications pour in.

During the June 23 meeting, trustees approved Resolutions of Appreciation for Gallagher and Cudd, thanking them for their contributions to the University since Gallagher joined in 2014 and Cudd joined in 2018.

Cudd will move on to become the president of Portland State University while Gallagher will begin teaching at Pitt.

During his final report as chancellor, Gallagher announced an “astonishing,” record-breaking number of more than 58,000 first-year applications to Pitt — an increase of more than 10% over the previous year, during a time when many universities around the nation are struggling to attract students.

In recognition of Gallagher’s contributions to the University, Chair Douglas Browning announced the renaming of the recently constructed plaza in front of the William Pitt Union and crossing on Bigelow Boulevard to “Gallagher Walk.”

“Today, this space is a vibrant hub of student activity with no shortage of people walking this way and that,” Browning said. “In recognition of your steadfast commitment to supporting students and in line with your fondness for walking, this area will now be known officially as Gallagher Walk — unless, of course, you're a student who is late for class. Then it will probably become ‘Gallagher Run.’”

Members also approved the election of two special trustees for the first two years of the 2023- 2027 class, Emil M. Spadafore and David Tilstone.

Spadafore, who was elected as a representative of the University of Pittsburgh at Titusville Advisory Board, has been a member of Pitt-Titusville for 19 years, holding positions as an adjunct instructor of law and chair of the advisory board. He’s also served on several committees for Pitt’s Board of Trustees.

Tilstone, who was elected as a representative of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Advisory Board, most recently joined the Family Office Direct Investment Services in 2018 and is a senior business development officer at Athena. He’s also a member of the Board of Trustees of Achieva and serves on an advisory board at the alliantgroup.


— Donovan Harrell, photography by Mike Drazdzinski