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Instructors, get ready for fall with these 3 Teaching Center resources

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Whether you’re a seasoned Pitt instructor or brand-new to the classroom, the University Center for Teaching and Learning is an essential resource for instructors who want to provide the most robust learning experiences for their students.

From tech trainings to accessibility advice, faculty learning communities to syllabus checklists, the 70-plus professional team behind the vast array of resources and services will help make sure your classes successfully achieve their goals.

“Teaching is not a solo endeavour. Our experienced team partners with instructors to help them design, develop and deliver the very best learning experiences for our students.” said the Teaching Center’s Interim Director Michael Bridges.

As the fall term approaches, take a look at these three programs that will help all instructors get ready for the start of classes.

Essential resources for new faculty members

The New Faculty Essentials program, co-sponsored by the Office of the Provost, will help you get started on your teaching career at Pitt. Get an informational tour of important campus offices, faculty committees and other introductory topics to help you get acclimated to the teaching at the University.

The initiative’s next session will cover the pedagogical and technology-based resources available to support you in your teaching. Register for today’s 2:30 p.m. hybrid session.

Other upcoming events include an Aug. 3 introduction to Pitt’s library system, an Aug. 17 overview of research opportunities and a Sept. 20 in-person informal reception.

Workshops throughout the year

Starting in August, the Teaching Center will offer workshops for novice and experienced instructors alike on topics such as developing a teaching philosophy statement, building a teaching portfolio, using midterm student feedback, and instructional design.

Check out the complete list of workshops.

The Mentoring Academy

The Mentoring Academy helps instructors build their skills as a mentor. It’s centered on enhancing eight competency areas including addressing equity and inclusion and promoting professional development. The three-workshop series begins Sept. 30. A Mentoring Academy credential will be awarded for successful completion of the series.

Learn more and register.


— Nichole Faina, photography by Aimee Obidzinski