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Pitt ranks in top 20 for patents granted to universities worldwide

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The University of Pittsburgh has ranked No. 19 of the Top 100 Worldwide Universities Granted Utility Patents in 2023, according to a list published by the National Academy of Inventors (NAI).

Released annually by the NAI since 2013, the Top 100 Worldwide Universities List spotlights the universities holding U.S. utility patents to showcase the important research and innovation taking place within academic institutions.

Pitt innovators were issued 114 U.S. patents in calendar year 2023, compared to 105 in 2022.

[Did you know the Innovation Institute publishes a monthly list of patents granted to Pitt innovators?]

“As one of the world’s leading research universities, Pitt tackles some of the most pressing challenges facing society,” said Evan Facher, University of Pittsburgh vice chancellor for innovation and entrepreneurship and associate dean for commercial translation at Pitt’s School of Medicine. “We work with our talented and passionate Pitt innovators day in, day out to protect the fruits of their research, including seeking patent protection. We then assist them as they transform those inventions into innovations that can make an impact in people’s lives by licensing Pitt-developed intellectual property to existing companies, or through the creation of new startups.”

“The Top 100 Worldwide list highlights the essential role universities across the globe play in creating patented technologies that beneficially impact society,” said Paul Sanberg, president of the National Academy of Inventors. “At the academy, it is important for us to recognize and celebrate research and commercialization happening at the university level, as well as spread awareness on how intellectual property can benefit innovators and their institutions.” 

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— Mike Yeomans, photography by Tom Altany