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Pitt Med students meet their match

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On March 17, amidst hugging, pats on the back, jumping and happy crying, Pitt’s next round of doctors discovered where they will take their next steps toward becoming licensed to practice medicine. 

Every third Friday in March, fourth-year students in medical schools across the nation learn which residency program they matched with at noon eastern time through the National Resident Matching Program. After graduating with their medical degrees, entering a residency program to train in their specialties is how these students advance on their way to becoming doctors.  

At 10:45 a.m., the livestreaming equipment was readied in the Thomas E. Richards Family Lobby of the Petersen Events Center. Staff members put their final touches on balloon displays and carefully placed the iconic white envelopes on their proper table in the quiet moments before Match Day 2023.

Students and their loved ones began to file into the lobby, and with them came excitement and nerves. The crowd watched prerecorded videos by Anantha Shekhar, senior vice chancellor for the health sciences and John and Gertrude Petersen Dean of the School of Medicine, William R. McIvor, a professor in the School of Medicine, Brad Dicianno, vice chair for research and director of medical student education, and Chenits Pettigrew, associate dean for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the School of Medicine.

“Today is one of my favorite days because of all of the hard work that every one of you has done,” Shekhar said in his remarks to students. “[You] and all of your teachers who have instructed you for many years are going to find out what great next steps you will be taking after you graduate from Pitt Med.”

The countdown to noon began, and the crowd grew louder and more excited with each descending second. But there was no unifying roar when the clock struck. Instead, the room went silent except for the ripping of envelopes. After a brief pause for reading, the room exploded with cheers as the Class of 2023 read their results.

A total of 135 students matched, with the largest numbers coming from students in pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, and anesthesiology. 

Shekhar closed his remarks by reminding the students: “You are a Pitt Med graduate. Wherever you go, you will shine, you will be compassionate and you will make a great difference in people’s lives. Make sure you make everyone at Pitt Med proud.”


— Nicole Matthews, cover photography by Primetime Shots Inc.