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Health sciences faculty: Apply by April 18 for the Supporting Our Scientists program

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University of Pittsburgh faculty members who experienced undue caregiving responsibilities as a result of COVID-19 that disrupted their research productivity and career trajectory can apply for the yearlong Supporting our Scientists program.

The award — which includes research funding, career development and work-life integration — can support up to 20 junior faculty members across the schools of health sciences.

Recipients will be provided with $35,000 for supplemental research support that can be used for "extra hands" efforts (e.g., a technician, research coordinator or contractual services), grant-writing support or buying out of required clinical time. Career coaches and career development will also be made available, as well as a “work-life flexibility debit card,” which can be used to pay for time-saving activities like family care, personal shopping, housekeeping, laundry, pet needs and more.

Eligible faculty must have experienced undue caregiving responsibilities as a result of the pandemic, been an assistant professor in one of the Pitt health science schools for at least two years and have or have had independent, externally funded research support.

 Apply by 5 p.m. Monday, April 18.