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10 ways faculty and staff can promote student well-being

A professor assists a group of students sitting at a table

The University Counseling Center and Center for Teaching and Learning have many resources to support students experiencing mental health challenges or crises — but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Here are 10 ways to proactively promote well-being at Pitt.

Learn even more ways to support students in the Faculty and Staff Student Support Guide.

1. Build in opportunities to highlight well-being throughout the semester. Convey compassion by spending a few minutes at the beginning of class and/or meetings to check in and see how students are doing. You can also invite a member of the University Counseling Center team to share tips on self-care and managing academic stress.

2. Consider holidays and academic breaks in creating assignment deadlines. Encourage students to use breaks to engage in self-care activities.

3. Encourage sleep by having assignments due by 9 or 10 p.m. instead of 11:59 p.m.

4. Consider creating flexible deadlines when possible.

5. Discuss the best way to prepare for high-stakes moments in the term, such as midterms, comprehensive exams, dissertation defenses and finals.

6. Create a well-being resource section on your course site and in your syllabus.

7. Talk with members of your department about ways you can proactively support students.

8. Model self-care for your students: Visit Wellness for Life at Pitt and LifeSolutions for ideas and support.

9. Learn best practices to support student success at Pitt.

10. Explore Thrive @ Pitt to learn more about well-being resources available to students.