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A masked woman lifts a can of soup, aided by devices attached to her left arm

Last year, Pitt researchers showed it’s possible to restore long-lost hand motion in stroke patients using a spinal cord implant, providing hope for those paralyzed after a stroke. The research was covered by the Associated Press, New York Times, NPR and many others. And now, it has a chance to get the University named the most innovative research institute in the country.

STAT Madness is an annual bracketed competition that pits the years’ research breakthroughs against each other to determine the best innovation in science and medicine. Pitt and UPMC won the news site’s first competition in 2017 for prosthetics research — with your help, it has the chance to take home the prize again. You can vote for Pitt and learn more about the team’s groundbreaking work on the STAT News website.