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Register for the 2023 Mentoring and Advising Summit on March 3

A person in a blue shirt shows a paper to someone in a white shirt and scarf holding a laptop

The Mentoring and Advising Summit is a chance for anyone who advises, mentors and coaches students at Pitt and beyond to learn best practices for supporting undergraduate students, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

Along with networking and information sharing sessions, the virtual event will feature talks on technology, collaborative advising, well-being and student success.

Keynote topics will center on inclusion and well-being. Pitt Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor Ann E. Cudd will chat with Gail Gibson, executive director of first-generation student support initiative called the Kessler Scholars Collaborative, about creating opportunity for underserved students. Vincent Tinto, a distinguished professor emeritus at Syracuse University, will discuss how belonging is essential to success in higher education.

Register to attend the summit on March 3.