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The Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management is resuming in-person trainings

a person elbowing a large pad in a training

The Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management is resuming in-person training in several key areas. 

On July 5, the Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) will restart in-person training for bloodborne pathogens and chemical hygiene, both of which are required by the University and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. 

For people who work with or in close proximity to bloodborne pathogens, the training is an annual requirement. The list of jobs required to complete training ranges from doctors and biomedical researchers to plumbers and custodians. The chemical hygiene training, which applies to anyone working with or handling laboratory chemicals, is mandatory once every three years. All training sessions will be hosted by EH&S staff.

The training schedule is is available at the EH&S website. Online training will still be available for those unable to participate in person. Questions can be sent to safety [at] pitt.edu.

In June, Pitt Police also resumed its Active Killer Training program, which is open to staff and faculty. The four-hour session provides information that could prove vital during an incident involving someone intent on causing mass casualties. Participants will be trained in how to deal with three choices during such an incident — Run, Hide, Fight — and will learn about basic self-defense.

For more information on these sessions, fill out an online form or contact Pitt Police Sgt. Paul Burgh at pab32 [at] pitt.edu.