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Your Pitt winter survival guide

A person in a black jacket walks on a snowy day

As the winter months bring falling snow and temperatures, the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management has tips for staying warm and safe this season.

Dressing the part

It’s not unusual for temperatures to fall below freezing, and even into single-digit and negative ranges. Stay informed about Pitt’s weather forecast. Going outside without the proper attire can result in frostbite and hypothermia.

It’s best to avoid being outside for extended periods during low temperatures, but be prepared with these essentials if necessary:

  • A warm coat that closes securely
  • A winter hat and gloves or mittens
  • A scarf to protect your neck and ears
  • Boots that cover your ankles

Drivers and pedestrians

Slick streets and low visibility from precipitation can create treacherous conditions for getting around. Whether you’re walking, driving or taking public transportation, be sure to allot extra time for travel.

Pedestrians should keep an eye out for icy sidewalks and use extra caution when crossing the street, making sure all vehicles have come to a complete stop.

When driving, be sure to turn on your headlights and avoid breaking or accelerating too quickly. Keep necessary supplies like an ice scraper, a flashlight and batteries, a bag of salt or kitty litter, and a blanket or sleeping bag in your car.

Closures and cancellations

Dave DeJong, senior vice chancellor for business and operations, recently sent the Pitt community a reminder about the Closure and Class Cancellation Policy. Any change in normal operations will be announced through the University’s Emergency Notification Service, in addition to the University website, the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management website, Facebook, Twitter and local media outlets.