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Make move-in easier with Ship2Pitt

A person with a backpack rolls a blue housing cart

In fall 2022, more than 12,000 boxes were shipped to campus residence halls before arrival through the Ship2Pitt program. Pitt has partnered with UPS again this year to help students lighten their load on move-in day.

Create up to five free shipping labels online through July 29. Packages of up to 50 pounds and with a maximum measurement of 20-by-20-by-20 inches can be picked up from your home or dropped off at a UPS Store for shipping. Labels are valid for 45 days, but parcels shipped after July 29 will require pick-up from your residence hall mail facility.

You will receive an email notification from UPS once your packages are delivered to a centralized location for a security scan, and an additional notification once your packages are delivered to your residence hall room. However, all students opting to use the service should be aware of a possible service interruption. UPS workers have voted to hold a work stoppage, which could begin anytime after July 31, if a contract agreement isn’t reached. This means packages could get stuck in transit, or you may not be able to ship until after the work stoppage ends.  

Our partners at UPS are working on a contingency plan to avoid a stoppage of our deliveries. To prevent possible delays in receiving your Ship2Pitt packages before arrival, ship your packages before July 21 to allow ample time for delivery to the Ship2Pitt warehouse. Pitt is unable to guarantee when we will receive your packages from UPS if the stoppage occurs.  

Find more information from Mailing Services.