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See how people get around Pitt with the results of the 2022 commuter survey

A crowd of people board a blue shuttle bus with a Pitt script logo

More than 6,000 people across the Pitt community participated in the University’s 2022 Commuter Survey, providing valuable insight into the community’s commuting choices.

Reflecting on past University and regional commuter surveys, the 2022 Commuter Survey focused on how individuals in our community get to, from and around the Pittsburgh campus and other Pitt locations in the city. The survey included questions about which transportation modes individuals use as well as their transportation and mobility needs, preferences and opinions.

Moving forward, results are helping inform and guide the University’s transportation and mobility strategies, programs and infrastructure investment planning.

Among the goals outlined in the Pitt Sustainability Plan is prioritizing active and low-carbon transportation options and mobility infrastructure to create a healthier, safer and more sustainable environment — in addition to contributing to achieving the goal of carbon neutrality by 2037.

You can learn more about the survey and the various commuting options available to the Pitt community on the mobility site.