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New COVID-19 shots are now available at The Hub

A person in glasses and a blue face mask holds a syringe in a gloved hand

Updated COVID-19 shots are available at the Pitt Vaccination and Health Connection Hub.

Beginning Oct. 5, The Hub is offering the Pfizer vaccine to those 12 and older. The Pfizer pediatric vaccine for ages 5-11 will be available beginning Oct. 9. The Moderna vaccine for ages 12 and older is expected to be available next week.

Anyone in the Pitt community and beyond can get the new vaccines at The Hub at 4041 Fifth Ave., at the base of Nordenberg Hall, on a walk-in basis or by making appointments. Appointments are strongly recommended for a streamlined experience.

While previous shots were paid for through the federal government, you’ll need to use your health insurance for this one.

“Now, the vaccine is considered a vaccine like all other routine adult vaccines, so it's paid for in the same way,” through health insurance, said Melissa McGivney, professor of pharmacy and therapeutics and executive director of The Hub. The Hub accepts most major insurance plans.

For those who are un- or under-insured and wish to get their vaccine elsewhere, the federal BRIDGE Access Program is available at select locations, or you can visit vaccines.gov to find out where you can get the updated COVID-19 vaccine for free.

Unlike previous COVID-19 vaccine rollouts, “we are not calling these boosters,” McGivney said. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendations for staying up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations will continue to evolve as we learn more about how the virus continues to evolve, she added.   

The new shots come as fall infections have been rising — CDC data indicates that new hospitalizations have more than tripled from a low in June.

Even for young and healthy individuals who might recover quickly, staying up to date with recommended COVID-19 vaccines can help protect other vulnerable people in the community as the weather cools and people gather inside.

If you are symptomatic, students can be tested for COVID-19 at student health services on their campus, faculty and staff can be tested through MyHealth@Work, and anyone may purchase rapid COVID-19 tests at the University Pharmacy.