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Thomas Songer won the 2023 Abraham Lilienfeld Award

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Thomas J. Songer, assistant professor in the University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health, was awarded the Abraham Lilienfeld Award, the most prestigious award presented by the American College of Epidemiology.

Each year the award honors a senior leader who has made extraordinary contributions to the field of epidemiology through both teaching or mentoring and research or scholarship. Songer (SPH ’86G, ’90G) was invited to address fellows and members of ACE during its annual meeting and will be recognized as lifetime Honorary Fellow of the College.

Songer’s current work focuses on interventions in childhood diabetes treatment and diabetes prevention. Past research interests include motor vehicle crashes and injuries, the costs associated with child maltreatment and the influence of economic factors in the lives of people with diabetes. He has also served on review panels for the CDC and NIH and is a steering committee member for the Injury Community Planning Group for the Pennsylvania Department of Health.