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Pitt professor and students collaborate on published linguistics book

Portrait of Gooden

Language Science Press has published a book that resulted from a collaboration between Shelome Gooden, professor in the Department of Linguistics, and a group of Pitt students.

Gooden, who is also the assistant vice chancellor for research in the humanities, arts, social sciences and related fields, edited “Social and Structural Aspects of Language Contact and Change” alongside Bettina Migge, professor of linguistics at University College Dublin.

Gooden mentored students and included their work in the book, which covers a range of languages and dialects through a variety of disciplinary and empirical perspectives.

Among other topics, the book collects a series of papers examining various languages and dialects and the cultures that surround them, including Spanish Creole and African American English. Some papers used historical documents to illuminate the origins and interactions between these languages and dialects.

The book is available now.