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Pitt's Humanities Center named its 2023-24 faculty and co-teaching fellows

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Eight University of Pittsburgh faculty will work in Pitt’s Humanities Center as members of its 2023-24 fellowship class.

The center will support six faculty members in the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences and connect them with multidisciplinary networks as they conduct humanities research. In turn, they will participate in the center’s intellectual life, presenting their work throughout the academic year and leading an interdisciplinary colloquium. An East Asian Studies Faculty Fellowship is also offered as part of a collaboration with Pitt’s Asian Studies Center.

The theme for this year’s research is histories, encompassing work from all crafts and disciplines that engages with the past in some way.

Here are this year’s faculty fellows:

  • Michelle Granshaw, associate professor and director of graduate studies in Pitt’s Department of Theatre Arts
  • Sahar Hosseini, assistant professor of history of art and architecture
  • Bridget Keown, teaching assistant professor in Pitt’s Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies Program
  • Dan Wang, assistant professor of musicology
  • Xiqiao Wang, assistant professor in Pitt’s Composition Program
  • Molly Warsh, associate professor of history

Annette Vee, associate professor and director of Pitt’s Composition Program, and Matt Burton, teaching assistant professor in the School of Computing and Information were named the Humanities Center’s co-teaching fellows for 2023-24. Together they will develop and co-teach a new undergraduate course — “Writing Robots” — at the University. The interdisciplinary class will explore the theoretical and technical approaches to natural language generation in writing.

For more information on current fellows and applying for fellowships, visit the Humanities Center website.