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Pitt’s HexAI lab earned a grant to address challenges in total joint arthroplasty research

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The Pitt Health + Explainable AI (HexAI) Research Laboratory, which is studying how to improve healthcare with artificial intelligence, earned a grant to improve care and diagnosis for total join arthroplasty (TJA).

With funding from Oracle for Research, the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences lab aims to develop and validate AI models to tackle clinically significant challenges in TJA research. This could lead to more accurate and effective joint replacement treatment in the future.

Pitt’s HexAI lab, directed by Assistant Professor of Health Informatics Ahmad P. Tafti, has already conducted research into machine learning and AI models to predict and improve outcomes for various total joint replacement operations.

Oracle for Research project awardees receive cloud credits — which can be used to access AI programs, cloud computing, cloud storage, database services and more — and hands-on support to accelerate and simplify the technical components of research.