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New Pitt-Bradford Journal Features First-Year Writing

The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford has launched a new online publication that gives first-year students an opportunity to have their writing published.

Founded by composition instructor Matthew Salvia, Bradford Writes! features exemplary student essays in a number of genres typically required of first-year students—narrative, analysis, argument and research.

“There’s a lot of research in composition theory that students are much more likely to apply themselves to their work if it’s for more than a grade,” Salvia said.

With the help of faculty in the composition and first-year seminar programs as well as the Writing Center at Pitt-Bradford, Salvia solicited submissions from students. After selecting items to publish, he worked with the students through an editing process. Salvia hopes that by being published early in their college careers, students will pursue additional opportunities to publish and present. The journal will be published twice yearly.

Those published will also have the chance to read their essays at the unveiling of the campus’s literary magazine, Baily’s Beads, at an online event on Feb. 3. Those interested in attending should email Nancy McCabe, professor of writing, at ngm4 [at] pitt.edu.