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Michael Deem earned a fellowship to develop a new undergraduate course

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Michael Deem, associate professor of human genetics at the University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health, was recently awarded a Signature Course Fellowship by the University of Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Studies.

The competitive national program is open to distinguished tenure-stream scholars who are developing a signature course on a topic connected to human flourishing or ethics. The fellowship includes a $17,000 grant to develop, market and scale up the course over a three-year period.

Deem, also a faculty member in Pitt’s Center for Bioethics and Health Law, will spend one week in 2024 and one month in 2025 at the University of Notre Dame working with faculty fellows from across the country to develop a new Pitt undergraduate course, Public Health and Human Flourishing. The course will be offered beginning in the 2025-26 academic year.

Pitt will also launch a new annual lecture in conjunction with the course: The Bioethics, Public Health and Human Flourishing Lecture series will feature nationally recognized researchers on human flourishing and well-being.