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Pitt health sciences was recognized for professional development by the National Postdoctoral Association

A Pitt script flag on a lamppost beside a snowy path

The University of Pittsburgh schools of the health sciences were recognized by the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) for its work in postdoctoral professional development.

Pitt, a charter member of the NPA, is among 15 universities whose specific efforts align with the organization's current Recommended Postdoctoral Policies and Practices. The recognition pilot program is intended to spotlight aligned practices while providing information to peer organizations evaluating their own postdoctoral activities.

Key to the honor is Pitt health sciences’ Office of Academic Career Development, which has significantly impacted the programs’ recruitment, retention and training. Supported by the Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for the Health Sciences for over 20 years, the central clearinghouse is responsible for approving all postdoctoral appointments in the health sciences and has access to the almost 700 postdocs, more than half of whom are international.

The office also requires postdoctoral students to attend a career development orientation, develop an annual career development plan and establish a mentoring team. Through the Pitt unit, postdocs from any research field or department are provided with diverse professional development opportunities.