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Hannah Florey researched local police practices with an American Bar Association program

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Hannah Florey, a student in the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, was a fall 2023 fellow with the American Bar Association (ABA) Legal Education Police Practices Consortium, which aims to advance adoption of model police policies and practices, support effective policing, promote racial equity in the criminal justice system and eliminate tactics that are racially motivated or have a disparate impact based on race.

During the program, fellows meet weekly to hear from experts on issues related to policing, public safety and professional development. Students also research campus, local and state police agencies as well as sheriff’s departments, highway patrol, state attorneys, government officials and civil rights and legal aid organizations.

Professor SpearIt served as Florey’s advisor for the fellowship. As a consortium participant, Pitt Law can enroll a student as a fellow each semester. Learn more from the ABA website.