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2 Pitt seniors competed at an ethics in engineering competition

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Alison Linares Mendoza and Anvi Viji-Anand, both seniors in the Swanson School of Engineering, competed at the seventh annual Lockheed Martin Ethics in Engineering competition.

More than 70 colleges and universities were represented by two-person undergraduate teams at the company’s Center for Leadership Excellence in Bethesda, Maryland. With support from Assistant Professor Scott Streiner, the students presented solutions to a fictional case involving ethical, business and engineering dilemmas.

It was the first time the University of Pittsburgh was represented, but Mendoza and Viji-Anand were ranked in the top 16 out of 72 teams and were the only first-time institution to have made it to the fourth round of the competition.

Viji-Anand described the experience as a fun, intellectual competition that gave insight on implementing skills learned in the classroom in the real world. Mendoza, a David C. Frederick Honors College student, said she appreciated Pitt’s Department of Industrial Engineering for the opportunity and hopes other students will compete next year.