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The Collaboratory Against Hate published its first white paper, ‘Research Needs for Countering Extremist Hate’

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Scholars from the Collaboratory Against Hate, a joint project of the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University, published their first white paper, "Research Needs for Countering Extremist Hate" (PDF).

Carnegie Mellon-affiliated authors Michael Yoder and Hana Habib stated their goals in the white paper’s introduction as seeking to orient their fellow Collaboratory Against Hate colleagues “toward open research needs faced by practitioners.” Yoder and Habib based their findings on interviews with 15 leaders from nonprofit organizations and tech companies who work to counter or intervene in the proliferation of extremist hate. In their white paper, they identified topics of urgency and compiled a cross-disciplinary list of potential research projects.

The collaboratory was created in March 2021 to develop effective interventions in the creation and growth of extremist hate.