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12 medical assistant and phlebotomy students completed a Pitt-Titusville career training

The Education and Training Center at Pitt-Titusville

On June 4, 12 medical assistant and phlebotomy students from the region received diplomas for successfully completing the no-cost, 10-month career training from Brockway Center for Arts and Technology (BCAT) at the Education and Training Center at Pitt-Titusville.

Program graduates were Bailey Bodamer of Pleasantville, Rachel Byler of Spartansburg, Angelina Falco of Titusville, Shi Grazier of Titusville, Tyler Hartley of Titusville, Abby Lesko of Titusville, Randa McCleary of Pleasantville, Caitlin Nordin of Titusville, Josee Pinkham of Titusville, Jodi Redick of West Hickory, Kenadee Schiffer of Oil City and Peg Teeter of Oil City.

“This year’s graduates have worked very hard to get to this point,” said Jessica Hummer, acting director and instructor. “They would say it was hard material but worth the investment. I am proud of the graduates and expect them to impact the community's need to fulfill medical assistant and phlebotomy positions within the local hospitals and rural doctors’ offices.” 

The program requires 1,060 hours for each participant. The curriculum breakdown is 34 weeks of classroom time, an eight-week externship at regional medical facility and a 20-hour community service project. Some of the community service projects included creating giveaway baskets and volunteering at local community events.

“BCAT serves over 10 counties and with this program in Titusville, it continues to expand the impact on rural communities. It is a very surreal feeling going into a local doctor’s office or hospital system and running into a previous graduate, I look forward to the same feeling when I see my current students working as medical assistants, a highly respected profession,” Hummer added.

Each student also spends the last two weeks of the course preparing for the National Healthcareer Association’s Certified Clinical Medical Assistant and Certified Phlebotomy Technician exams. The program has a 100% certification success rate through the 2023 inaugural class, and “I’m pleased to announce this year’s class of 2024 has continued the impressive trend,” Hummer said.

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