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Annual Studio Arts Student Exhibition Moves Online

A wide array of drawings, paintings, photography, printmaking, sculpture, video and animation is available online in Pitt’s 2020 Studio Arts Student Exhibition and will remain online until the fall.

The show features 43 works by 11 new studio arts alumni and 12 other students.

The exhibition reveals the names of participants in a column on the right side of the page. Click on a student’s name to see their profile and gallery page, at the bottom of which are images they are exhibiting this year. The image shown on the left side of this page, in black and white, for example, is of "The Tale of Medusa," a cut-paper still used in a digital animation by graduating senior Azize Altay Harvey from Chicago, Illinois.

Under “Selected Works by Faculty” on the right-side list are names of other students who contributed to the show; some are art majors, some are not. Their works are included in a gallery at the bottom of that page. The exhibition also includes a printed catalogue that can be viewed and purchased and the department’s lively and colorful Instagram account.

Associate Professor and Chair of Studio Arts Delanie Jenkins said when it became clear that this year’s exhibition could not be mounted in a physical space due to the public health crisis, the seniors collaborated in a multi-pronged strategy to put the show online.

Added Jenkins: “Though viewers will not experience the materiality of the students’ work directly—the lushness of textures and surfaces, the sensitivity and nuance of a particular mark, the physical presence of a work experienced in person—we invite viewers to stay tuned, in hopes that there will be some version of the exhibition to experience in person in the future.”