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Tactical Activities

These six tactical activities are the approaches used by NPPTL to and carry out its functional duties:

Conduct research on PPT

NPPT conducts a comprehensive research program to reduce inhalation, dermal, and injury hazard knowledge gaps (e.g., understand performance of PPE against known and emerging hazards) and improve existing technologies to reduce exposure to the hazards, and increase PPE wearability, utility and comfort.


Develop standards for PPT

NPPTL develops PPT standards and test methods to improve the quality, protection, and performance of PPT.  NPPTL and the PPT Program actively participate in standards development activities with various standard making bodies. Involvement in standards development organizationsí activities addresses PPT performance, use and maintenance issues with an increasing emphasis on PPE comfort, utility, and wearability.


Certify respirators and evaluate PPT

NPPTL manages the congressionally mandated NIOSH respirator certification program.  Other PPT evaluation services and resultant recommendations can help assure effective PPT.


Conduct Surveillance

NPPTL gathers surveillance data to enable the program to quantify knowledge gaps and identify research needs. Surveillance data serve as both an input to NIOSH activities and an output for stakeholder use.


Conduct outreach programs for optimal use and acceptance of PPT by workers

NPPTL develops and uses effective communication tools and outreach techniques to provide stakeholders with updated information concerning Laboratory research and recommendations.


Evaluate and assess programs and activities

Evaluation and assessment activities are essential components of the Programís strategies. It is incumbent on NPPTL and the PPT Program to implement a robust portfolio of evaluation and assessment activities to ensure program research protocols, proposals, and outputs are based on quality science. NPPTL and the PPT Program work with the NIOSH Office of Program & Planning to apply program planning and evaluation tools such as the National Academiesí Evaluation Framework document to implement comprehensive program reviews at regular intervals.