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Program Description


The Office of the Director (OD) manages the strategic activities conducted by the laboratory and provides the groundwork for projects as they are established. Current projects are summarized at Scientific reviews are tracked through a scoring system to provide a basis for measuring product (e.g. protocol, proposal, NIOSH scientific information product) quality and enable the division to assess performance relative to the scientific quality of the products reviewed. 

The OD manages emergency planning and response activities supported by NPPTL. Since the events of September 11, 2001, NPPTL has provided support to nearly every emergency issue recognized by NIOSH as part of a CDC response effort. NPPTL provides immediate and effective response to emerging issues, such as mining disasters and threats of pandemic influenza outbreaks. 

The OD also manages the activities conducted by the National Academies Committee on PPE for the Workforce (COPPE) [link to COPPE summary report].  Projects managed by NPPTL can be viewed at