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visiting fellows, 2013-14

::: Aristidis Arageorgis, Spring Term
“Philosophical Aspects of Applications of the Tomita-Takesaki  Modular Theory in Local Quantum Physics”
National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Ori Belkind, Fall Term
"Space, Time, and Existence: A History"
University of Richmond, USA

::: Melinda Fagan, Fall Term
“Collaborative Explanation: Causal Unification without Laws” 
Rice University, USA

::: Carrie Figdor, Academic Year
"Pieces of Mind: A Humanistic Defense of Mechanistic Explanation of Mind”
University of Iowa, USA

::: Lucia Foglia, Spring Term
“The Bodily Self and its Disruption in Schizophrenia”
McGill University, Canada

::: Marco Giovanelli, Academic Year
“Lost in Tradition: The Rise of Logical Empiricism at the Juncture of the “Riemannian” and “Helmholtzian” Traditions”
University of Tübingen, Germany

Leah Henderson, Spring Term
“Getting Clear on the No Miracles Argument”
Carnegie Mellon University, USA

::: Douglas Kutach, Fall Term
“New Foundations for Physical Geometry: Curvature”


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