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August 2017

What's new?

Read about our PSP1 event in Pittwire.

Professor Sandra Mitchell will teach the 10th Pitt-Tsinghua Summer School in Philosophy of Science at Tsinghua University from August 14 to August 19, 2017.

The Center is co-sponsoring:
Neuroethics of Implanted Brain Stimulation Devices
September 25, 2017
University Club

Symposium in Tsinghua
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Pitt-Tsinghua Summer School in Philosophy of Science, Professor Wang Wei at Tsinghua University and the Center for Philosophy of Science are organizing a symposium, “Frontier in the Philosophy of Specific Sciences,” to take place at Tsinghua University. More info here.

Who's Visiting Next?
Our 2017-18 Fellows have been selected! Click here to see the list.

Watch Thomas Pradeu's April 7 Annual Lecture Series talk on "Immunity and Individuality: An Instance of Philosophy of Science"

Catch up with the past year's Visiting Fellows on YouTube!


Join us for:

Super-PAC: Early Career Workshop in Philosophy of Astrophysics and Cosmology
27 - 29 October 2017




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Through its Visiting Fellows Program,
the Center invites
philosophers of science
to work in the Center
for a term or a year.

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