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This germ Theory of disease was hailed as answer to most of the medical problems of the time. They considered it solved the problem of how disease starts and how it may be spread, at the same time, it suggested to them how disease may be avoided and how it may be cured .
1-Preventive measures (prophylaxes) were aimed at the destruction of pathogenic bacteria and at preventing these from spreading from centers of infection to individual and public in generally. These measures included such public health works as efficient removal of sewage, supply of clear water and food, isolation of infected. It also included such measures as vaccination (smallpox) immunization (Diphtheria whooping cough, typhoid, etc). Other simple methods (washing of hands before food and after defaecation).
2- Therapeutic measures suggested by the Germ Theory are: the use of asepsis, antisepsis, and disinfection.The inhibition of microorganisms by the use of chemotherapy and antibiotics. The use of sera such as diphtheria antitoxin and removal of organs or tissues which are"foci of infection" (Tonsils).
3- further measures included destruction of sources of infection , and the destruction of rats ,mice and other animal vectors which spread infection.
4- The specifity of a micro organism is conclusively demonstrated when Koch postulates are fulfilled:
(a) - the microorganism is found in each and every case of the disease; (b) - it is found with any other disease; (c) - it must be obtained in pure culture from the person suffering the disease (d) - it must be possible to produce the same disease again by inoculation.
Taking all these into consideration we will proceed further to explain how Herbal materia medica be used to prevent diseases as a low cost medication available for all people.
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