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The anti-pathogenic effects of garlic against infections have for long been known by traditional healers, Garlic is used as general and anti-septic by local healers in many parts of the least developing world (Poorer Penicillin). The odorous component is the main ant microbial agent, garlic is thus a specific for bronchial and lung infection, and also for gut infections such as Dysentery, Typhoid and cholera, and in many cases of food poisoning.
Garlic (Allium) has also so many effects on blood circulation attested by modern experimental and clinical research. It lowers the level of the blood cholesterol with obvious implications for those suffering from arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure.
Garlic is also used as digestive stimulant and excellent expectorant, the local healers also predict that garlic is anti-tumor too, however this has to be dealt with cautiously and it is worth to be researched by students and other professionals.