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Astringent – Antiseptic – Anti inflammatory , Gynaecological remedy , cholinergic , diaphoretic .
Firstly , calendula is a prime wound healer, not having the sheer repairing power of symphytum, but having strong antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, it has been shown to prevent secondary infections in wounds and certainly helps to staunch bleeding therefore. Moreover, its anti –inflammatory properties commend it for the treatment of skin diseases, and other infective or suppurating conditions. It makes an excellent mouth wash for affection of the gums, mucous memberens and throat. It also makes one of the best vagainal douches for thrush or trichomoniasis or any source of discharge.
The usual dose of 30 gm of dried flowers to half liter of water is quite adequate for most purposes. Such is the lightness of the flower. One cupful is taken three times a day.