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Hops are very useful remedy that could easily been considered with relaxant nervous remedies in month 4. The aromatic odour has been shown to relax by direct action at olfactory centers. It relaxes the smooth muscles function at least as much as central nervous activity (good for visceral tension in the body). Hops is most useful for prevention of nervous dyspepsia, nervous colitis, palpitations, Asthma. To conclude it may be said that Hops are superbly suited to reducing higher nervous interference in the affairs of the enteric nervous system and digestion as whole. There are cautions to be observed in the use of hops, notably the rule never to use hops in depression. If one is picking hops, one must remember the problem of toxicity that are found in some hop pickers exposed to massive doses of the aromatic oils:these include fever, excitability, diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting.