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Juniper Berries have many traditional uses that are supported by modern practice, but it is as a urinary antiseptic suitable for cystitis and urethritis. Unfortunately, like many many of the others urinary antiseptics in the herbal Materia Medica Juniperus is not universally desirable and long term use is to be avoided. This is usually quite convenient as far as urinary infections are concerned, as satisfaction can often be achieved within six weeks that is the maximum recommended treatment. The problem with Juniperus is that it is irritating on several tissues: if the turpentine like oil is inhaled it can cause cramps. In particular, it stimulates the uterine muscle; this leads to it use in bringing on a period but it also means that it is an abortifacient and must not be used in pregnancy. In reality, juniper is consumed by thousands daily in their gin and tonics.
The recommended dose, for internal use is 10 g of berries to half liter of water, infuse in the usual way and take wineglassful doses 3 times per day before meals. Juniperus may be used externally in the form of oil , as part of a liniment for neuralgeia , arthritis and mayalgia.