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Izzeldin S.Hussein is Regional consultant of Micronutrition with special training on Iodine Deficiency Disorders assessment, management and control, and secretary general for Iodized salt producers Association.He is also active Member of ICCIDD board of directors, and consultant to international agencies.

And individual countries. Previous positions include Medical representative for Orthodox medicine (Middle east north Africa 1982-1988). And scientist researcher on Herbal Materia Medica. He holds Master degree in Pharmacognosy, and MBA from U.K majoring assessment, management and control of hidden hunger (Micronutrition deficiencies) in the least developing countries. His international experience started in 1995, as short term consultant for WHO in the eastern mediteranean region,he has since been involved with Micronutrition issues with special attention to virtual elimination of IDD. He worked in close collaboration with ministies of health in the eastern mediteranean region, Middle east and north Africa, and trained the industry on fortification methodologies, quality control and assurance, as well as partnership building between the health authorities and the industry and successfully formed (Joint IDD committees) representing health , industry and different segments of the community. He presented various lecture in various countries of the region( 17 countries) focusing on social marketing , mobilization, and demand creation for fortified food for virtual elimination of Micronutrition deficiency disorders, and participated with posters and verbal communication in series of international conferences. He travels a lot in his region , and has seen the ravages of poor nutrition, health condition, as well as opportunities of educating and training people , can provide for improving people's live.He has a number of scientific publications and has done frequent consultations for national and international organizations.

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Address: P.O.Box 60 MQ 115 c-hashmiat. Sultanate of Oman.      Phone:00 968 69 77 89.

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