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The First Workshop of the Paris-Pittsburgh Workshop Series
Adaptations in Psychology and in Biology Preliminary Program

4-5 June 2008
Institut d’Histoire et de Philosophie des Sciences et des Techniques (IHPST)
13 rue du Four, 75006 Paris (2 nd floor) map

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While early debates about adaptations were dominated by Gould and Lewontin’s critique of pan-adaptationism, the terms of the debate have changed. Current debates about adaptations in biology and in psychology are motivated by new developments in science: in biology, optimality models are increasingly sophisticated and are applied not only in behavioral ecology but in new fields such as morphology and microbiology; in psychology, evolutionary psychology and human behavioral ecology explicitly aim at applying a selectionist perspective on human cognitive dispositions and on human behaviors. The workshop will focus on the issues about adaptations and adaptationism raised by these new scientific developments.

     Wednesday, 4 June 2008











François Taddei (Molecular, Evolutionary, and Medical Genetics, Necker / Inserm, Paris), Adapting the Genome to the Environment or Adapting the Environment to the Genome
Coffee Break

Stephen Stearns (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Yale), On Life History Theory and Adaptationism paper1 paper2

Tim Lewens (History and Philosophy of Science, Cambridge), Adaptationism and Evo-Devo

Hugo Viciana (IHPST), Cognitive Convergence Thesis Confronts the Idea of Co-Cursors
Edouard Machery (HPS, Pittsburgh), Three Neuroscientific Arguments against the Massive Modularity Hypothesis

Peter Gildenhuys (HPS, Pittsburgh), Adaptationist Reasoning and Applied Population Genetics paper
Jean-Louis Dessalles (Department Informatique & Réseaux, ENST, Paris), Language as an Adaptation

      Thursday, 5 June 2008












Thomas Cunningham (HPS, Pittsburgh), Natural Selection, Adaptation, and Fitness: On the Illusion of Perspectively Neutral Explanatory Roles

Sandra Mitchell (HPS, Pittsburgh), Adaptation and Complexity in Biological Systems
Coffee Break

Jason Byron  (HPS, Pittsburgh), Adaptation and Species Selection

Arnaud Pocheville (Paris V, FiV), Adaptation, Niche Construction and Extended Phenotypes
William Wimsatt (Philosophy, Chicago), Optimization vs. Satisficing
Coffee Break

Philippe Huneman (IHPST, Paris), Adaptation and Multi-Level Selection - the Case of Evolutionary Transitions presentation
Yoichi Ishida, (HPS, Pittsburgh), The Optimality Argument for the 3/4-Power Scaling Law in Ecology



Edouard Machery (machery@pitt.edu)
Philippe Huneman (huneman@wanadoo.fr)


Center for Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh

Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh

Institut d’Histoire et de Philosophie des Sciences et des Technique



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