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Travel Support
Center for Philosophy of Science
Sixth Quadrennial Fellows Conference 2008

The Sixth Quadrennial Fellows Conference will follow the tradition of past conferences in that participants' accommodation and most meals for both speakers and non-speakers will be covered by the conference once they have arrived at the conference site. Participants are asked to secure their own sources of funding for travel expenses through their home institutions and other sources.

The conference will assist in these efforts in two ways:

  • The theme of the conference will be "International Philosophy of Science" and we will schedule special sessions devoted to philosophy of science in various countries, if we receive appropriate proposals. Our hope is that participation in an internationally themed session devoted to a Fellow's home country may assist the Fellow in securing financial support to defray costs of the trip. The Center will be pleased to help in efforts to secure such supports through, for example, letters of support or invitation as needed.
  • Since an invitation to officiate at the conference may prove helpful to participants who are not speakers, the Center will issue formal invitations to Fellows who need them to chair a session or to be a conference discussant. Fellows needing such an invitation should contact the Center. (The onus of a "discussant" is to take responsibility for initiating discussion after a talk.)

Finally, the Center will set aside a small fund to be distributed among Fellows (both speakers and non-speakers) without other sources of funding, but whose participation in the conference depends essentially on such support.

We ask Fellows who anticipate need for such support to contact us immediately.

Deadline for response: February 29, 2008

We ask that requests for support be made only if other sources are genuinely inaccessible. We shall divide the funds available over all applicants, so the more requests, the less each can be awarded. If we receive many requests, we shall distribute the funds with a preference towards fellows for whom we judge travel funds harder to secure.



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