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Call for Papers
Sixth Quadrennial Fellows Conference

The program committee invites proposals for papers to be presented at the Sixth Quadrennial Fellows Conference of the Center for Philosophy of Science, from Sunday, 20 July to Thursday, 24 July 2008, at Ohio University, Athens, Ohio.

The conference continues the tradition of earlier conferences in reuniting Visiting Fellows and Resident Fellows of the Center for Philosophy of Science. As a result, proposals are limited to the Center's Visiting and Resident Fellows and members of the conference's host institution, the Department of Philosophy, Ohio University.

Talks in all areas of philosophy of science are invited.

The theme of the conference will be "International Philosophy of Science" and we will schedule special sessions devoted to philosophy of science in various countries, if we receive appropriate proposals.

Our present plan is to include both plenary sessions and parallel sessions and we ask proposals for talks to indicate whether they prefer a plenary or parallel session. Note that talks in plenary sessions will be allocated a short time (provisionally 20 minutes including discussion); whereas talks in the parallel sessions will be allocated a longer time (provisionally 50 minutes including discussion).

We will create a dedicated section of PhilSci-Archive for the conference and speakers will be invited to post preprints of their papers to this website in advance of the conference, if they wish to do so. We hope the opportunity to post a manuscript in advance will enable speakers in the plenary sessions to use their time more efficiently.

To propose a paper, please send the following to Peter Gildenhuys peg1@pitt.edu

  1. Your Name
  2. The title of your talk
  3. Your choice of plenary or parallel session
  4. A 100 word abstract
  5. Please indicate as well, if you plan one or more talks to comprise part of an international session devoted to a particular country.

Deadline for submission: February 29, 2008



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