HPS 0410 Einstein for Everyone Spring 2007

These are the documents created for an earlier offering of the course HPS 0410 Einstein for Everyone. As a result some links below and in the documents linked to will not work. For the latest version of the course, click here.

Course Description


Term paper


Introduction: the questions

Special relativity: the basics

Problem of Reciprocity


Origins of Special Relativity


What is a four dimensional space like?

Philosophical Significance of the Special Theory of Relativity.

Non-Euclidean Geometry
Euclid's Postulates and Some Non-Euclidean Alternatives

General Relativity

Relativistic Cosmology

Black Holes

Atoms and the Quantum


1. Principle of Relativity

2. Relativity of Simultaneity

3. Problem of Reciprocity

4. Origins of Special Relativity

5. Spacetime (new version February 1)

6. Spacetime/ Four Dimensional Spaces

7. Philosophical Significance of the Special Theory of Relativity

8. Non_Euclidean Geometry

9. Curvature and General Relativity

10. General Relativity

11. Relativistic Cosmology I

12. Relativistic Cosmology II

13. Black Holes

14. Atoms and the Quantum

Last update: February 26, 2007.