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An Afternoon in the Park
Fellows' Reading Group
3 April 2012

It's starting to get tiresome. We were evacuated once again this afternoon for another hoax bomb threat. It seems like it is April first every day. This time, it came just a few minutes before our reading group was to assemble to discuss Paul Weirich's paper on uncertain probabilities and decision theory.

I think it was Mary Domski who appeared in my door and said what we were all thinking: "Shall we just reassemble somewhere else?" A few minutes later, we were standing in a small group with Karen and Joyce on the courtyard outside the Cathedral trying to figure out where to sit and talk. Michael Tomasello suggested the pavilion in in the new park next to the Cathedral.

It was the obvious place. You can even see it from my office window. Here's a photo taken from the window. The pavilion is the big tent.

It has tables and chairs ready for us to move into the right arrangement. We brought the poppyseed roll and walnut roll I'd brought for the meeting and our meeting went ahead as usual.

It was an unexpectedly nice way to meet and enjoy the park. I didn't have the presence of mind to bring my camera. The photos are taken with my cell phone.

John Norton

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