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For the this example our basic scenario is the tornado hazard to Lamar, Colorado, a community located on the midwestern plains of the United States (commonly called Tornado Alley).  We rate this hazard as a 5 (5 yes votes of 9 possible).
[1]  a large tornado strike on a town potentially can destroy much of the town yes
[2]  tornado season is typically short, running from April into June no
[3]  tornado events are short in duration but can take months or years to rebuild the community yes [4]  the timeline is very short, with warnings being measured in minutes and impact extremely rapid yes [5]  a tornado has a direct impact of hundreds of yards to a mile in width throughout a track that may reach 10-200 miles in length yes [6]  any particular locality has a relatively low frequency of being hit by a tornado; data is limited but once in 100 years might be reasonable no [7]  prediction is general for wide watch areas, not specific, and the actual development of tornadic activity is very rapid yes
[8] no unusual related hazards that would not be expected in any major event no
[9]  there are no unusual cascading events - no